The Adventures of Fanny Faithful

Fanny Faithful lived in a small town called Charity. Charity was located ten miles west of Evil county. No one who wanted to evade or escape trouble and evil would ever journey there. Charity was such a small town that it only had one road that led you safely into its city limits. Fanny owned the only grocery store in Charity; it was called Gracious Grocery. It was stocked with love, with everything you needed to make you whole, happy, and healthy. Fanny always kept a large supply of the Oil of Joy, for that oil produced great strength!

Early every Wednesday morning, Fanny did inventory on her stock. The stockroom was located in the rear of the store and was kept neat and in order. Just as Fanny was about to count the bags of seed from the Trees of Righteousness, she heard the clanking and crashing of bottles in the front of the store. Fanny discerned within her spirit something strange, something evil was going on. She tiptoed to the front of the store and peeked around the door. The front door slammed with a loud bang! As she stepped out to see who it was, all she could see was a trail of oil and broken glass on the floor. The oil trail led out the front door onto the street with large footprints. Evil had snuck in again.

Find out what happens in this God-inspired allegory, an earthly story with a heavenly meaning.

--Dallas L. Burleson

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