The Alabaster Jar

We all need a safe place where we can be open and honest, a place we can go to get our thoughts out of our head, look at them, analyze them, and do it without guilt, shame, or condemnation. Sometimes that's hard, and you don't know where to start. This workbook guides you as you explore and uncover some deep areas of your heart and mind. As you discover these areas, work through them at your pace and in your own style, dig in, and go as deep as you can.

This tool is inspired by having some, but not very much, marked change or success in counseling after over twenty-eight years. It is my sincere hope and prayer that this workbook will be of help to you and help you uncover issues and bring them to the surface so that you might find ways in dealing with things that have had a grip on your life for far too long. I am a very strong advocate of finding a safe and good friend who is willing to just be there to listen; a friend who will not judge, condemn, or give advice . . . just listen. A word of caution: you may find that there comes a time when you do need to enlist the help of a professional counselor. These people are great in helping you sort out and deal with things that may come up as you use this tool. Most importantly, let God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit be your guide, your comforter, and the one you pour your heart out to first; they are the best counselors.

--Monique R. Poole