The Anointed Man

The Anointed Man is a story about the fall before the grace. It is not your typical "pastor falls from grace and regains favor from the Lord" story. The Anointed Man is the first book in The Anointed Man series that tells of an inner city pastor's fall before there was grace. It is a story about life, love, trials by fire, trials by man, and temptation. It is said that the devil has no new tricks, just new faces. In this book, you will see that old faces hide new tricks and new faces try old tricks. We all have a testimony, even The Anointed Man!

About the Author

Romans 8:28 says, "And we know that God works all things together for the good of those who love Him, who are called." Phillip Johnson answered that call by using the gifts given by Him to deliver a message for all the people. Phil has fused the harsh realities of life with biblical lessons and delivered a message that touches the soul and pulls on your heartstrings.

Phillip writes with the intent of sending an impactful, inspirational, and motivating message of love, faith, hope, grace, mercy, and forgiveness. Having been blessed to overcome obstacles, setbacks, trials, and triumphs, Phil breaks through with a tome that has blurred the lines between reality and fiction and created a story that takes you back home; back to a time that was and a time that is""a story of The Anointed Man.

--Phil Johnson

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