The Ark of My Leadership Experiences

The Ark of My Leadership Experiences is a summary of seminal professional experiences in my leadership journey shared for others currently on a similar journey or may someday be on an aspirational journey to become a CEO/servant leader. Being in environments without the benefit of colleagues who held the same position and looked like me, my network became a membership of two-me and Jesus Christ. My strength, courage, encouragement, anointing has come from taking comfort in Him who I believe catapulted me to every position I have held. Every elevation came from His providential intervention. So I reference my experience through this leadership Ark. The Ark of the Covenant contained the Ten Commandments, laws given to Moses by God. The Ark of My Leadership Experiences are anchored through a cloud of witnesses that traveled before me!

The Ark provides us with reassurances that in:

Leadership ~ no leader should go it alone

Discernment ~ the still, small quiet voice still leads and guides us if we be still

Endurance ~ He gives us momentum for the journey

--Dr. Adena Williams Loston