The Baptized Cowminist: Memoires of a Cow Worshipper

This book is a personal memoir of a “cowminist,” a word that is not so ubiquitous yet is self-explanatory. The book identifies, defines, and elaborates on the characteristic of a cowminist. The author in this book goes in great details and lengths to explain how his life and his worldview were like before his Christian conversion experience and how his life and worldview changed after his conversion.

The author spent his childhood and some early years of his adulthood in worshipping the cow, a ritual of Hindu religion. He used to have a very negative view about Christianity and the Western culture that freely permits the eating of beef (cow), which was a clear, common taboo in his past culture. In the quest for finding the truth, he gets acquainted with the Western and Christian cultures and finally gets converted to Christianity.

After his conversion, he holds a complete opposite view about Christianity and even his past culture and religion. This book is filled with personal experiences and instances of his life before and after conversion. The contrasts between Christianity and the cow-worshipping culture described in this book are stark and vivid. The author also seems to be very delighted and thankful for his newfound hope and religion. He tries to challenge his readers with similar backgrounds to examine their faith and worldview and make an informed and educated choice about spirituality and the spiritual life. The testimonies described in this book should serve as an eye-opener for many.

--Harry Thapa

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