The Bender Boys: Short Stories

Follow along with the Bender boys' four amazing adventures. Watch as they use their gifts and talents to help and maybe even to save others. These journeys will delight all ages whether you are a boy or girl!

Will Project Man use his memory and a bit of math to make a great fort on their week of vacation in the park? Oh no, he is in for so much more! See what projects he will use to save the day!

Motorcycle Man is much younger than his name sounds, but his natural talent of bike riding has led to extraordinary fun! We will see how his abilities can be more useful than he ever thought possible by riding his motor bike.

Super Sport can play a lot of sports. He can throw, catch, and run really fast. Can he use his talents to help his family and others? Read about how a talent for sports can be a help for others.

Is Chicken Man a superhero or ordinary teen? What talents does Chicken Man have that could help others? You will be surprised at how a chicken can be involved!

Even adults who read this book will see that we all have talents and gifts from God. Use these fun stories to encourage yourself to use the abilities you already have inside you!

--Cher Swanson