The Benefits of Trials for Christians

As a Christian counselor, I am often asked why people go through suffering. The Bible actually gives several answers to this question. This book highlights these answers and it is divided into two sections.

The first section takes an in-depth look at the question "Can Christians share in the suffering Jesus went through on the cross?" A Bible passage written by the apostle Paul may suggest this. This Bible passage is closely examined in the book, and the implications of this are explored.

The second part of this book highlights what the Bible says are the benefits of suffering for Christians. These include following Jesus's example in his suffering; using personal suffering combined with faith as a powerful evangelization tool; suffering develops useful godly traits in Christians; and the Bible tells us that Christians may suffer in this world because of demonic attacks. Additionally, the Bible tells us that Christians are from God and not from this world; therefore, the world may be against us because of it.

--Michael Kotch