The Best Gift Ever

Have you been looking for a Christian book that tells the stories of the Bible in a fun and imaginative way? At last it’s here! The Best Gift Ever is a modern-day Christian book that appeals to our young audiences. Not only will this book capture the attention of every child, but it will also make a lasting impression. The Best Gift Ever is the first of a collection of adventures with TiTi Bee as she travels back into biblical times in her HoneyComb Time Machine!

In this book, you will join TiTi Bee as she buzzes around in her HoneyComb Time Machine and arrives just in time to witness the first Christmas! In The Best Gift Ever, TiTi Bee takes a young girl named Mandee on an amazing journey to help her understand that Christmas is more than just receiving material gifts. Christmas is a way of celebrating Jesus’s birthday!

The Best Gift Ever offers a unique way of helping children understand the true meaning of Christmas. Buzzing back into time in the HoneyComb Time Machine is a creative way of not only keeping children engaged, but also encouraging them to remember one of the most important stories of the Bible.

--Bea Kwok