The Biblical Truth: Concerning Speaking in Tongues

This book presents a thorough examination of the gift of tongues and prophecy, thereby revealing the objective of these gifts and the order of their use. Apostle Paul focuses on the underlying principles that consistently determine the importance of interpreting or explaining unknown tongues. By excelling in these truth, you will be prepared to minister to the specific needs of those God brings into your life. With the help of the Biblical Truth Concerning Speaking in Unknown Tongues, you can be confident that your course of action fits into God’s overall plan and purpose for your life and ministry. Every Christian who seeks to follow and witness for Jesus Christ should read this meaningful book. This book provides a powerful perspective on understanding the gift of tongues, prophecy, and unknown tongues. All truths are easy to understand once they have been discovered. Apostle Paul desired that the Corinthian church as well as today’s local church do all things in the appropriate order without confusion among God’s people. This Godly order was to guide them in proper worship and order in the church. These instructions to do all things decently and in order are still applicable today. Things that are done decently and in order will advance the church in building up believers and bring sinners to repentance. Let everything be without confusion, disorder, and division. God is the author of peace as in all the churches of the saints.

--Paul Eric Alexander Sr.