The Blue Tears: Chains and Love

Life is bleak and days are insufferable under the dictatorship of the communist regime, as they condition the minds of their subjects by any means necessary. Within Romania's borders, where you are born is where your fate is decided behind its blackout curtains. However, devoted father and husband, David Savin, is not one to be easily beaten into submission.

Craving the American dream and new beginnings, David finds allies in unlikely places as well as among old friends. With his beloved brother and late father waiting for him on American soil, he has nothing to lose and much to gain. David will put everything at risk to ensure that all loose ends are tied before daring the unspeakable. Still, there's much room for error in the cramped quarters of an attic in a bustling railcar.

The Blue Tears "" Chains and Love is a harrowing novel based on a true story set in the 1980s, during the cruel reign of Nicolae Ceaușescu. In endeavoring to fight for his freedom, David also learns that love is a fine fight to be won as his heart is tormented by his affections for Katie, the girl who cries sapphire tears. Full of wrenching suspense and thrills, as well as brutal interrogations, heart-stopping betrayal, fierce love, and even greater sacrifice, you'll never know what's to come next or who to trust.

--Spirea Geogea

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