The Book of Revelations Revealed

Our journey doesn’t end in this world. It begins in this world, and this world is fast coming to an end.The journey to the end of time is what this book aims at revealing, according to the book of Revelation. This book unravels a lot about the last days till the very last day of man on the present earth.It demystifies the mysteries of the book of Revelation and carefully explains all that seem to have been written in codes and parables. Very importantly, it uncovers the plans and devices with which the enemy intends to deceive many in these last days and the silent orchestrations by the agents of the enemy here on earth, to prepare for the fight against God and against the saints.Through this book, we will be able to tell who mystery Babylon is, who and what will give rise to the beast, and where the beast would come from.It is not a regular book as everything was written by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and through dreams and visions from Him.

--Dubem Chukwukelu