The Box

Ever feel like you have something hidden in your heart that you yourself do not even acknowledge for fear of someone finding out what it is? Something that you feel is so unforgivable that even those closest to you, even God, will not forgive?

KT Patterson shares a true life story that shows no matter what it is you hide in the depths of your heart, there is always forgiveness. It's a story of struggle, addiction, and betrayal but also a story of love, family, forgiveness, and ultimately redemption.

Elizabeth was a beautiful, loving wife, daughter, mother, and friend to all. Everyone loved Beth from the second they met her. Her smile and loving nature lit up the room. She was compassionate and always there to lend a hand to someone in need. No one around her ever knew of the secret she carried hidden deep inside, not even her husband, Kyle, or their two children.

The story tells of their struggles as a family from Kyle's own faults and drinking problems through the dark days following Beth's confession brought on by a conviction from God. From confession though recovery, Beth sought redemption for her guilt and betrayal. Kyle sought God's help for his own internal issues so he could find forgiveness in his heart for Beth and to be able to help her recover and find her own redemption.

Through a simple prayer box and guidance from God, a husband and wife came together and strengthened their bond of love and faith. They would need it for the battle yet to come!

In the end, will Beth find redemption and forgiveness from all? Will her ultimate prayer tucked in a simple box be answered?

--KT Patterson