The Captain's Pen: A Chronicle of Compassion

Every now and then a book comes along that you find yourself reading again and again. Like that song you've heard a hundred times and can't get tired of because it connects to who you are. In just the first few notes, it taps into something deep within you that makes sense, takes you home, and seems to give you strength.

As you sail the pages of The Captain's Pen, Patch Spears reveals an original perspective and thought-provoking answers to life's most elusive questions. His honesty is contagious, and as He exposes the intimate details of his journey, you'll find yourself comfortably connected to recognizable lyrics with a surprising bridge of clarity and soul-bending notes that will stretch the mind.

Wrestling with God over painful loss and suffering in our world you are taken down a familiar path to all of us. Patch is personally acquainted with the desperate need of every human heart to know "Why? Why this pain?"

If God is all-powerful, and He really loves me, then "What am I missing?"

If you've ever asked that question or know someone who is, then grab this book and allow its unique view of God's truth to help you find the answers. Knowing the answers to tough questions is one thing. Being able to convey those answers to someone in pain is another thing entirely.

Find out what The Captain's Pen revealed to Patch and what He longs to reveal to you. If you feel misunderstood, then you're in good company and much closer to the heart of God than you think.

Come into this voyage with Patch and meet the God you never knew. See His love for you in ways you won't expect and behind doors you never opened. See your world through His eyes and with His heart and finally understand the compassion behind the wisdom of the Captain.

--Patch Spears