The Carpenter

Have you ever been in a hopeless situation? Have you ever felt that your life was all to pieces? In this book, you will discover that in Jesus your life is never hopeless and you are not as broken as you think you might be. Our Master Carpenter, Jesus Christ, is working to construct you into a beautiful masterpiece. When life is tough and battles are raging it is encouraging to know that God's hand is working on me. You will arise from the ashes of defeat. You will overcome anything that life throws your way. Why? Because the Carpenter is still working on you. Under the wing of the Almighty God, you will find a place of protection. Never give up, never give in, and never quit. Let the Carpenter do His work and trust in Him to make you into something great. For the Lord is concerned for you and wants the best for you. As you read the words of this book, may God open your heart to the wonders that He has in store for your life and family.

--Mary Elizabeth Rousseau; Tyler Barrett