The Christian Handbook of Survival

All of the information that you will find in The Christian Handbook of Survival comes out of the pages of your Bible. It's all there in plain sight, but you have to seek it out diligently, by asking God to reveal to you understanding of the letter or road map to success in the Kingdom of God. God wants to approve you, but you must study like you're studying for an exam or test in school. If you don't do your homework and test time comes, you will most likely fail. God is much more forgiving and kind than most professors would be in this case, but God wants you to know who you are, he already knows, he just simply wants you to know who you are. So this book was written to encourage you in your quest for eternal knowledge and to inspire you to pursue God with much passion, as you would if you wanted a husband or wife to live the rest of your lives with. It is with this same passion and desire for the Word of Truth that God delights in when he sees you studying to show yourself approved, a workman unto God, not being ashamed by rightly dividing the Word of Truth.

--Silas Marshall