The Cloud People

Billy is a typical middle-grade boy who is excited to be spending his summer vacation with his grandparents in Indiana. He is super excited because this time, he is going alone. He will soon discover though that going by himself isn't the most special part of the trip.One of the things he wanted to be sure to bring is the brand-new camera that he received for his birthday. In the rush to get to the airport, he forgets it. Little did he know how much he will miss it as his vacation turns out to be far more than he could have ever imagined! After getting his seat on the plane, he falls asleep almost immediately. He doesn't wake up until they are about to land. It is then that he happens to look out the window and sees something that would change his vacation and his life. There, in the clouds around the plane, he sees a face, a cloud person. The eyes on the face open and look directly at Billy, Appearing startled that he was seen, the mysterious face abruptly disappears.From that moment, Billy becomes obsessed with trying to figure out what he saw and if it was real. He shares his secret with his best friend, Megan, and together they enter a world they never dreamed existed. Their friendship grows as they try to understand it all. Billy also discovers that his grandfather and uncle have both had similar experiences. His vacation, will take him on an unforgettable adventure, and along the way, he and Megan will learn a lot about life, loyalty, and friendship. Their summer vacation is filled with a lot of surprises and a big one at the end that will leave you guessing.

--Kenard Tuzeneu

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