The Courage to Love in an Obscured World

In a world where you are in an attempt to the findings of who you are and whose you are the journey of life begins and one must find the momentum to learn how to deal with the obscurities one has encountered. Some would look into the inner-self and find many obscurities of guilt, shame, blames, lies, unforgiveness, fears, scars of tragedies, different types of abuse from feelings of infuriated and victimized in relationships. Relationships are the most social, humanistic, controversial, relatively, livelihood engagements we all are to encounter. Who we choose to have relationships with is sometimes not so much the choice of one, but the combination of choosing to have a healthy relationship. If you have ever encountered, through past relationships, emotional wounds and abuse in any form, you may have some difficulties to freely love. The question asked within oneself is, can I, or may I, really find love along with giving love freely? Still through life’s journey, this question relies on the choice of oneself. The reliance is a determined passion of dedication to a healing vibrancy within your heart, mind, and soul. The courage to love in an obscured world helps one to define of who you are and whose you are. The God-given creation of relationship with Him and others through awareness, evaluation, being true, and training oneself for the be-you-tiful you to come forth. In any form of courage, there will be obstacles to overcome, but these obstacles can be conquered to become a faith reliance to someone greater than yourself. This courage helps you leap over the obstacles and rely upon God in His divine supernatural strength to overcome so you may love freely in an obscured world.

--Lorraine Quinonez

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