The Crystal Gold Mine: In the Silver Valley of Idaho “The Big Blind Special!”

How is it possible an old West gold mine stayed hidden for over a century especially since she is located near the heart of the Coeur d'Alene Mining District in Idaho? Well, as my wife Sherry is quite often known to say, "Here's the story!" Retired miner Bill Lane and his wife Judy traveled the northwest of the United States for several years in hopes to preserve an old mine for educating the public. In 1996, they found what they have been looking for in Kellogg, Idaho.Things started off as planned until some locals became upset. It didn't sit well with them believing these outsiders came along and created what they consider to be a fictitious story centered around an old sloughed-in mine.My wife Sherry and I have always been known to take a gamble and have experienced many awesome adventures over the years. My career in the United States Navy, her career in banking, and raising ostriches have left us with fond memories. However, when we purchased the mine property from Bill Lane in 2012 and reopened the old historic gold mine tour, the perception of awesome takes on a whole new meaning.During our decade of owning and operating the Crystal Gold Mine Tours, many folks have asked us for more information about our history. This is in response to those many requests during those wonderful years. It's time to lay down and expose the hand we were dealt, along with taking the opportunity to set a few local folks straight. It turns out, some of them are nothing but a bunch of "modern-day claim jumpers!" And the true history of the Crystal Gold Mine in Kellogg, Idaho is at stake.

--Raymond D. Cropp

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