The Dime Story: A Story Of True Romance

Have you ever waited for the day that your love pursued you? The day you received a token that was a special sentiment just between you and the lover of your soul. This is the story of my journey of discovering that the one whom I longed for and waited for and dreamed about had been pursuing me my whole life. How I went from believing that God put up with me, or was angry with me, to knowing he adored me, truly adored me. He waited to hear from me, sent special nods just between us. That was when my life took a whole new turn; everything changed. They say true love changes everything, and I am a testimony that is true! Join me on an adventure that proves romance exceeds your wildest dreams. It’s not merely human; it is definitely supernatural! If you are skeptical, that’s perfect. I know you couldn’t be any more skeptical than me. Boy was I a cynic, and jaded, a double-edged sword! Taste and see that the Lord is good!

--Jennifer Howard

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