The Doughnut Girl

The author, Anastacia Davis, was eight years old in the second grade. Her teacher asked the students each write a story. The author’s imagination took over. Her love for doughnuts fueled her imagination.

She thought of the mothers being hungry and initiated the baking. She imagined their appetite is wet and ready to eat this fresh-smelling oven-baked doughnut, which decided that they will not eat it and ran.

She imagined the Doughnut Girl running through the town and to her and her friend’s dance class, jeering at them as she danced away. She then teased the crawling babies and the dog.

The author imagined and gave speed to the running Doughnut Girl. She imagined the awe of seeing this speeding doughnut and the futility of chasing it. How can the Doughnut Girl be caught? Who is going to be the one to catch her? She thought about wit. Her doughnut girl was outwitted and eaten by the most unlikely character of the book. Who?

After reading The Doughnut Girl, the author’s mother agreed that this story is so vivid, so funny, and so witty that it should be shared with the world. The targeted audiences are children and parents who love to stimulate their children’s imagination.

After reading The Doughnut Girl, mothers may decide to bake and decorate their own Doughnut Girl. The author would recommend that you decorate, decorate as hard as you can but…just do not give her legs.

--Anastacia Davis

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