The Egg Is Still in There: Living according to God's word in the kitchen and life

Life has been a challenge for Keisha to find the truth of God with false teachings and lack of true discipleship around her. The Holy Spirit divinely intervenes with choosing one of two roads, destruction or God.This choice brought many storms and trials that were authored by God Almighty to break her and her family down to remold them into His image. The cost was high but well worth it.Forgiveness for herself was necessary, and as the convicting came, God also healed through a comparison of the family according to God’s word with baking.Knowledge and truth is powerful. The science of baking a cake with ingredients eggs and flour match God’s purpose for the family. Satan deceives women into thinking their purpose and touch on the family isn’t seen, but the egg is still in there even though you can’t always see it! We were all born with a purpose!

--Keisha Perrin

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