The Enemy Will Try to Steal Your Purpose

God has inspired me to write this book, The Enemy Will Try to Steal Your Purpose. The enemy is designed to steal your purpose. This book will show you how to fight off the enemies’ attacks. If you have God on your side, you could never lose in life. Amen. God has designed us to win in life. The enemy sees your purpose early on. His mission is to destroy every aspect of your life.

I know that it is rough out here in this world today with the enemy running rapid. But we all need to come together as one to stop the enemy in his tracks. Amen. God loves us all; there’s nothing on this earth that God would not do for us and that is the truth. Amen.

I hope that this book will inspire you and give you the courage that you need to go through your everyday life. Brothers and sisters, I pray that you received the message that God is giving me to give to you. Amen. God is always there by our side. He is the positive force that guides us, yes he is. The enemy is the negative force. He is the one that’s always putting obstacles in front of us in our lives today. Always have Father God deep in your spirit, your soul, and your mind. Always put Father God ahead of your life. Always put your family next and always have your fellow man’s back Always pray and have that mind-set to have God on your mind. Amen. God has given us each a purpose in life. It is embedded deep in our spirit; all we have to do is release it. Amen. God is the source of our well-being. All we need to do is keep Father God in our lives and in our hearts, and everything should be fine for us. Amen. God bless. I hope you get something positive out of The Enemy Will Try to Steal Your Purpose. Enjoy.

--Mrs. Richardean Rosalind Gould-Meyers

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