The Followers

Lavina, alias Nana, Spencer's impulsive middle-of-the-night e-mail to her grandson's place of work sets off a chain reaction that moves her from her beloved ten acres in the country to a grand mansion in the city. She begins an adventure of God's making that eventually draws her whole family, and many others, down new paths.

With her Bible-based theories of business offered to Harlan Morgan the Fourth, who is desperately trying, as the fourth generation, to save the family business he inherited on the death of his father, these two, one old and astute and the other young and inexperienced, begin following the path God has set before them, with nothing but their faith that He has put them together and that Nana's theories will turn the business around.

Elizabeth, the almost-an-architect granddaughter and beautiful watchdog over her much-loved Nana, quickly captures Harlan's grieving heart with her gentle compassion for him and joins them on the path laid out before them; and, along with her brother, Ben, the struggling grandson whose family was at the center of Nana's concerned e-mail, they soon gather others around them and into the Lord's master plan.

Joined by the company's board members; by Arleta, a refugee from violent gangs in Mexico; by Jack, the old Norwegian and brilliant co-conspirator in making Harlan a "big executive"; by the company's resident atheist and fellow opera lover, Tony; and finally by her missionary son, Peter, and daughter-in-law, Jen, Nana becomes the central figure in the drama that unfolds as the Lord works in each life for his purpose. Through much joy and some sorrow, they are all led by the Lord's hand to an "expected end" (Jeremiah 29:11).

--Laura L. Williams