The Gathering Tide : In His Words

After the passing of Andrew A. Birtalan and wife, Margaret Birtalan, their son, Andrew F. Birtalan. was in possession of the manuscript. Andrew F. Birtalan passed away in 2008, leaving his son, Frank Birtalan, in possession of this written manuscript. After years of the manuscript sitting in the closet and Frank wanting to do something with his grandfather’s book, while sitting and watching TV one night, he saw a commercial from Christian Faith Publishing company, and Frank decided to call. This led to the process of a written manuscript turning into a book for all to enjoy.Author Andrew A. Birtalan was a deeply religious man of God. As his grandson, Frank went to several services where he served as a substitute pastor. His grandfather had a deep understanding of the Bible and of God’s Word. This manuscript has a way of explaining the Bible verses and how they apply to your life in the way God wants us to live, guiding us through the different stages of life. Grandson Frank Birtalan is proud to bring his grandfather’s manuscript to light to the world and to keep his words alive through The Gathering Tide: In His Words.For a simple understanding of the journey of life, The Gathering Tide: In His Words will give you guidance and encouragement in faith and God’s Word.

--Andrew A. Birtalan

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