The Gospel of John : First Issue of a Seven-Book Series

In this first issue, we see Jesus, a humble man, who lived in first-century Israel is different than any other man. A certain man named John the Baptist knows who Jesus is, that is, God’s one and only Son who came to the earth for a special purpose. We see John meets Jesus and declares who He is. Later, Jesus does a miracle at a wedding celebration, and everyone there is amazed and delighted. After that, Jesus and his followers and his family go to Jerusalem where all the Israelites gather to worship God. Jesus, in His love for His Father who is God, expels those who are exploiting the holy area of the temple built for God in Jerusalem. Everyone, including the religious leaders, are shocked at Jesus’s righteous indignation. One of the religious leaders, named Nicodemus, knows of the incredible things Jesus has done and visits Him. Jesus teaches the religious leader about God’s wisdom and declares God’s love for mankind. And then John again tells religious pilgrims who Jesus really is.

This is the illustrated book of the story of the Messiah, Jesus Christ, as told by the author, also named John, who was a disciple of Jesus and a witness to all that was done by Jesus.

--Lawrence Finney

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