The Grand Old Piano

FINAL BOOK SUMMARY FOR THE BACK OF THE BOOKTHE GRAND OLD PIANO During Dr. Benca’s many years of teaching, at various levels in the Public, Christian, and Government school systems, he realized the absolute necessity for children to learn to read well. It has been his passion and desire to write a book at a level that younger children could read and enjoy. Expressed in this story is the battle of a courageous young girl struggling to overcome a seemingly insurmountable trial in life. In this short and simple story are the emotions of suffering, kindness, love, joy, gentleness, tenderness, and victory. It is Dr. Benca’s hope that all that read this story will be able to identify with the child’s emotions of agony and sadness, then experience her rise to the ecstasy of joy in victory, the workmen’s compassion and thoughtful kindness, and the Grand Old Piano’s happiness to again be sharing beautiful music with the people of the world. It is Dr. Benca’s hope that the children reading this short story, may be inspired, encouraged, and strengthened to overcome their trials in life, and strive to enjoy reading and become better readers for both, pleasure and knowledge.

--Dr. Gary R. Benca