The Great Mission of Jesus Christ on Earth

On earth today, many Christians and humanity have now reached a stage where they must make a shift into the next level of their consciousness to enable them to communicate with Jesus Christ through prayer, meditation, and fasting to receive the baptism of the holy spirit to complete their rapture or ascension. In his book, The Great Mission of Jesus Christ, John Entsuah explains the most important key points .

The first key point are the hidden teachings of Jesus Christ, which is also known as the spiritual gospel of Jesus Christ, where many teachings of Jesus Christ were rejected by the Christian council organized by King Constantine during his reign as the Roman emperor in the second century.

The second key point is the great mission of Jesus Christ, where he came to give humanity the power of the Holy Spirit to awaken their Christ consciousness to conquer sin and death.

In the third key point, John Entsuah explains the second coming of Christ, which is about Christ conception and Christ-consciousness awakening in the heart of every soul on earth through prayer, meditation, and fasting to connect directly with Jesus Christ to receive the atonement power as the grace.

Last of all, he explains that the human consciousness separates us from God because of the spiritual fall of Adam and Eve caused by Satan.

Christ consciousness reconnects us back to God through Jesus Christ by receiving the atonement power through the baptism of the Holy Spirit and the light of Christ in the heart of our souls. This transform us all into Christ like beings with Christ body, Christ blood, and Christ consciousness to inherit the kingdom of God.

--John Entsuah

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