The Great North Wind: Seasons of Life

The Great North Wind

In times of celebration, whether it be in nature's seasons or the seasons of our lives, God's unmistakable presence is always there reminding us of the big part he plays in everything we experience. This story expresses my reflection on these things and the importance of realizing that God began the process, and it is God who will finish it.

Share A Smile

The world around us is becoming cold as the Bible prophesied; however, God continues to expect his people to burn with love for others, and this process can begin with a simple smile. Whether we realize it or not, a genuine smile goes a long way in reaching out to the outcast, the lonely, the hopeless, and so on, offering hope that better times are coming. And as we give a smile to others, we can be sure that God will smile on us, and hope will come alive once more.

--Elizabeth Rose

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