The Heart Of A Healer: Trauma Informed Biblical Counseling

Every person you know has either been through situations in their lives that have resulted in trauma or knows someone who has. The church has lost the art of wisely walking with someone as they experience the effects of trauma in their life. We are at a loss when a friend loses a child, a coworker finds out they have cancer, or we hear about someone being the victim of human trafficking. If you're a fireman, nurse, police officer, pastor, counselor, schoolteacher, or any other profession that touches the lives of people, you have encountered people in trauma ... you have probably experienced the effects of secondary or vicarious trauma yourself. You have felt the hopelessness and inadequacies of trying to help someone understand the explainable.

As I searched for resources to help me do that from a biblical perspective, I found that there is very little help for the Christian involved in the work of trauma-informed care. Most biblical counseling doesn't adequately address how to engage with someone suffering from trauma, and no secular methodologies can provide the ultimate healing and hope these victims long for. The Heart of a Healer is an attempt from a layman's perspective to combine the wise compassion of a trauma-informed care approach with the authoritative and life-giving truths revealed in the scriptures. This book is neither clinical nor theological in the traditional understanding of those terms. The Heart of a Healer outlines a practical and biblical approach to dealing with trauma. You will learn how to deal with it in your own life and how to effectively help others who are suffering through trauma.

This book was born out of much prayer and the searching of scriptures. It is my humble prayer that God uses this imperfect attempt at this important subject as a tool to help those who he calls into this work, and that as a result, many will see your good deeds and glorify our Father in heaven.

--Chris Lim

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