The Heavenly Treason

The Heavenly Treason is a book that explains about how the author, in his years of adolescence, gave his free will back to God, and through his faith and with the acceptance from the Divine, he has been touched by these forces that are surrounding us, and these have begun to influence his life.

Through God's true words written in the Bible over two thousand plus years, we can find reassurance of His true work from astronomy and archaeology since the beginning of creation.

We will also learn about God and the creation of the sons of the Divine Fire, which are the ones that will carry God's will throughout the entire creation since the beginning of time, and where with great detail on the second day of creation one Prince of the Divine Presence starts to convince one-third of the heavenly Hosts to separate from the Creator. This Prince creates the greatest celestial war, from which he becomes the greatest celestial adversary called Satan until the end of time.

--Rafael V. Nieto