The High Cost of a Free Gift: The Humiliation of Jesus

When we think about our salvation in most cases, we will focus on God’s gracious and undeserved goodness toward us. Though salvation flows from the grace of God, thereby making it free to all who put their trust in Jesus, free does not mean that our salvation is cheap or without great cost to God Himself. This book, The High Cost of a Free Gift, takes a very Christocentric looked at the gracious provision of salvation. This book focuses on all that it cost our Savior in order that He might be our perfect and eternal sacrifice for sin. By looking at the Christology of our salvation, this book encourages a greater appreciation for all that the Son of God endured in order that we might be saved. From His preincarnate glory to His descent into the grave, our Savior paid a high price in order that we might receive the free gift of salvation.

This book will trace the downward stage in the works of Jesus Christ from His glory to the grave referred to as His humiliation. We will take a deeper look at the following topics:

• “Jesus’s Glorious Preincarnate Existence”

• “The Meaning and Necessity of His Humiliation”

• “The Virgin Birth and Incarnation of Jesus”

• “Kenosis: The Self-Emptying of Jesus”

• “His Temptations and Rejections”

• “His Illegal Trials”

• His Sacrificial Atoning Death”

• “His Burial and Descent to Hades”

• “The Implications of His Humiliation”

Ultimately, from this reading, we learn that the Son of God’s love for man was so deep that He willingly laid aside His glory in order to endure a level of humiliation that was so great that only God wrapped in humanity could endure it. Our greater appreciation for the high cost that Jesus paid to save us should cause us, as believers, to appreciate, admire, and adore Him all the more and greatly value the free gift to which He paid such a high cost.

--Kermit R. Taylor