The Holy Spirit Journal: Documenting God's Activity Through Identity-Focused Holy Spirit-Driven Journaling

The Holy Spirit Journal is about taking the time to mentally acknowledge and allow the Holy Spirit to lead the documentation of what God is doing and has done (always praying before anything is written and preserved). Being habitually focused on understanding who God is, what He is saying, and who we are in our God-given identity. You are covered in God's grace and peace! Chosen, destined, and adopted! Redeemed, forgiven, and free from sin! Rich with an inheritance of fruitfulness, abundance, and eternalness! Equipped with boundless power, strength, and capabilities in Jesus! You are covered in the wisdom of the Holy Spirit that lives within you! The beauty in our identity should be the foundation leading how we pray, speak to ourselves, hear God's voice, live out God's eternal purpose for our lives, disciple with others, and journal for preservation. Remembering who God is and who we are as believers, strengthens our relationship with God which results in an understanding that aligns our identity and God's will for us with actionable living. Preserving God's activity through the Holy Spirit's guidance will help us remember the things God has done and seek the gift of His presence, character, promises, and salvation in all we do. A completed journal is considered a book of remembrance to reflect and share God's goodness with future generations.

--Diana J. Pittman

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