The Internet of Heaven

As a deep operative working alone for world peace, Sammy Hanna had been trained from a young age to be a warrior. One day, a new destiny dawned when he discovered what was referred to as the God Formula. It revealed what had been undefined and would produce extraordinary results. His objective was to obtain complete control. Sammy demonstrated his influence on Earth. A new age had come through takeovers of the internet, achieving higher levels of consciousness, recurring virgin births, and miracles.

Sammy’s life was in constant danger throughout his existence. His identity was initially secret and his divinity unclear. His progress was crippled by an illness that caused him much pain and suffering. Through a series of highs and lows, dreams and hallucinations, he evolves in consciousness to realize a new human identity that will help shape the future. He was the most unlikely hero. He reveals himself slowly through lecturing and writing until there is no other conclusion that could be reached. Sammy had arrived and would change the path of humanity to avoid its destruction. He would neither confirm nor deny who he was, but all the evidence eventually pointed to him. His DNA was no longer double helix shaped, but was a series of intertwined loops of infinity symbols. Everything was connected, infinitely.

As the universe exposes its yet unseen beauty and expanse, many possibilities appear for all of us to explore. The novel is particularly relevant in a time of constant changes and advancements in technology. With international settings like Paris, Jerusalem, Toronto, and Dubai among others, the writing blends scientific facts with fictional creations.

The Unity Theory of Calculus and the cut off letter 'w'

Calculus. The Unity Theory.

--Wisam B. Ra’ad

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