The Itinerant: On Restoration, Revival, and Redemption

The Itinerant: On Restoration, Revival, and Redemption is a story of wisdom and folly, wisdom being preferable to seeking pleasure. The work is not just a story but a study on life experiences: good, bad, useful, and useless. It is a definitive work describing the benefits of seeking wisdom and knowledge and developing a healthy fear of the Lord; seeking his wisdom, strength, and glory rather than seeking pleasure that ultimately leads to dead ends, often leaving one with a bitter taste and a feeling of emptiness. The work describes what restoration, revival, and redemption are and what they are not. This work takes a good long look at all sides of life, all types of fools, and how to avoid fools and foolishness that more often than not just lead to destruction. So if you are reading this blurb and getting ready to read this book, get ready for an adventurous ecclesiastical journey, and hopefully, if you do not already know, you will before you are done, that as a believer in Christ Jesus, you are not a physical being on a spiritual journey in this world, but you are a spirit being on a physical journey.

--D G Bryant

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