The Journey Back: An Isolated Road from Addiction to Redemption

This book depicts the story of Lesley’s journey from the depths of darkness and into the light of a forgiving and gracious God. This is not intended to be a self-help book, but rather a story of hope and forgiveness; hope for better days beyond addiction, and forgiveness to oneself for past mistakes and missteps.

The reader will learn of Lesley’s struggles from a raging drug addiction to the shock of a cancer diagnosis, followed by a massive stroke which resulted in the paralysis of her left side. This book depicts the on-going physical struggles Lesley experiences daily, but it also illustrates the numerous and awe-inspiring epiphanies which have brought her back into God’s grace.

“The Journey Back” is a triumph over the demons that have always remained one step behind, sometimes appearing perilously close. Lesley’s story has been written to help others who are living inside the black hole of addiction, know that there is healing Light waiting on the other side.

--Lesley A. Victoria