The Kingdom of Fairwind

Stephen, the King's only son, is bored and tired of the protected life he leads in the palace of the kingdom of Fairwind and decides to leave on an escape adventure.

What follows is nothing that he expects and tests his very will to survive.

In his absence, an interloper comes in and happily fills his shoes, making the most of the lavish lifestyle offered by the palace.

In one of the wealthier homes in Fairwind, an attractive and vain girl named Priscilla stares at her reflection in a mirror and imagines her future in the halls of the palace.

In the poorer section of town, another young girl named Rebecca goes about her life delivering clothes made by her mother to the wealthy people in the other section of town. She has no idea that her life is about to intersect with the lives of each of these other people.

The Kingdom of Fairwind is a place where unexpected things happen when the dreams and desires of its people collide with each other.

--Phyllis Woods