THE KING'S DAUGHTER: Divinely Orchestrated

Is there a life that you hoped for yet never thought possible? In The King's Daughter: Divinely Orchestrated, Michelle will take you on a journey through her brokenness, life imprisoned by poverty, health challenges, insecurities, and questionable decisions that couldn't withstand the power of God in the life of a believer to transform and heal. What is your journey from the darkest of times to the process of discovering God's unyielding love? In this spiritual memoir, you will experience the testimony of how God was able to turn one woman's humble beginnings and birth a story of hope, joy, and triumph. You Will EncounterNot being alone,The power of surrender, Deliverance through forgiveness,The revelation of your identity,The clarity to receive divine direction, Elevation through faith, andAuthority to live victoriously.

--Michelle Davidson

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