The Language of Lament: An Expression of Suffering Well

The Language of Lament is an experience of grief. Written after the loss of a child through a second trimester miscarriage, this book is an authentic expression of suffering well when your soul is unwell.

Offering the reader an inside look at the mental, emotional, and spiritual wrestling of grieving, it gives voice to the varied experiences and questions of the heart and soul that have been devastated by loss.

Does suffering well mean smiling through your grief?

Does crying out in hopelessness mean you are not grieving with hope?

Do moments of joy invalidate your loss?Can sitting in silence be comforting?

Is there a time limit on sharing your experience?

Does God really care? And can his word really heal?

Whether you are experiencing grief firsthand or walking with someone who is, may The Language of Lament be a comforting companion in your journey.

--Jessica Szitta

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