The Light in an Impenetrable Night

In the year 2050, the United States has transformed into OPTI’s New America, a place where all its citizens are under the oppressive control of a tyrannical robot named OPTI who demands to be worshipped above God. Abigail Richardson grows up in this totalitarian society as a Christian, along with her siblings, Faith, Scarlett, and Renée, and learns she must hide her faith to survive. As a child, Abigail’s family is torn apart when Faith tragically dies, leaving her with a crushed soul. Two nights before her fifteenth birthday, while living with the harsh merciless Edwins in a foster home, Abigail’s faith is put to its greatest test. When Abigail commits an act of pure desperation and survival, the course of her life is forever altered. This one dire act sparks a series of misfortune and terror in her life. She must trust in God to rescue her. Her life depends on it.As Abigail walks through her valley and the consequences of her ill-fated decision,OPTI surveys her every move with threats of imprisonment and death hanging over her head. Abigail yearns for freedom from persecution and to live peacefully with her family. However, with OPTI in power, her aims seem next to impossible to achieve. In a society where every day is an act of survival, Abigail must find a way to move forward and persevere in her faith that God will rescue her and everyone under OPTI’s cruel soul-devouring regime. Will the light of the Lord overcome even the greatest darkness and the most treacherous of evil?

--Paige Trevisani