The Little Boy Who Was Different

JO-JO the skunk has a big adventure ahead of him starting in a new school with all new kids and new teachers. From the beginning JO-JO struggles because he is different, but he is hoping that everyone will like him. Making new friends when you are a skunk is not easy. His classmates did not know how to accept such a vibrant yet different skunk, so they did not play with JO-JO and decided to stay away from him. This made JO-JO very sad. At home JO-JO's parents noticed their son had a lot on his mind. Being in a new school can be hard on any child, so Mom and Dad did their very best to encourage JO-JO. The special day for show-and-tell was coming up, and this was JO-JO's opportunity to be the star of his class. With some wise advice from his parents, JO-JO came up with the most amazing idea. On show-and-tell day, JO-JO decided to show off his best friend, a bunny. The classmates were shocked and couldn't believe JO-JO loved his fluffy bunny friend so much. From then on all the children wanted to be friends with JO-JO. They talked and played with him every day. JO-JO ended up having many friends and being loved by all.

This book teaches children that we should love one another no matter what skin color or background we may have come from.

--G. K. Vega