The Mountains are Calling

We all need something or someone to help us bring out our full potential, our hidden talents and greatness. You have God-given greatness in you, share it with others and you will find true happiness. (Ivan Zednick)

A devastating ten-day coma following a bomb attack at age seven turned him to reading, personal development, and adventure while in hospital unable to eat for months. The knowledge during those first nine months on the hospital led to an epic adventure with every possible twist, but he never lost faith.

A second seven-day coma in 2013 as a result of a hit-and-run bike accident put an end to the adventure and was the beginning of a deep awakening. While his body lay lifeless on Yonge Street in Toronto, Gilany experienced a memory flashback, reliving the whole adventure and ordeal.

He rediscovered the universal laws of the mind, spirit, and faith. A glimpse into a very real dimension of Godís mercy in most hopeless moments of life.

--Arif Gilany