The Mysterious Final Flight of MH-370: The Most Fascinating, Anomalous Mystery Disappearance in a Century Since the Sinking of the Titanic

When we board a modern twenty-first century aircraft, we are all confident of, hopefully, a smooth flight, and delivery, to our destination of choice.

This was not the case of Malaysia Airlines Flight no. MH-370. It never landed at its destination, nor any other airport. This chronology of the facts of its final flight is written to help soothe the nerves of the international flying public.

Because MH-370 vanished mysteriously, its story was written beginning as an unsolved mystery disappearance. Later, when arriving at the conclusion of a tale of a mysteriously missing aircraft, with 239 souls aboard, I realized I had composed a history of the facts and human stories, chronicled within the saga of The Mysterious Final Flight of MH-370.

Therefore, the inclusion of the safety of today's human flight is annotated, but also the future of human air flight safety, by describing new safety measures designed to replace outdated twentieth century "black box" invention, with twenty-first century digitized data recording innovative technologies. Cost seems to be the inhibition of installing, then implementing, the now preexisting twenty-first century technologies on all aircraft worldwide, hopefully sooner rather than later. The good news is the United States Air Force has it already implemented and utilized daily today.

One day, MH-370 may be located, certainly providing solace and closure for the 239 families missing their loved ones, who comprised the flight manifest of the 239 missing souls aboard MH-370. Plus, both "black boxes" may provide answers to what transpired during "The Mysterious Final Flight of MH-370." Additionally, it is said and felt "Hope springs daily, living eternally."

--Robert Dominguez