The New Wine: The Veil Rent The New Wine Series Volume 3

In this intriguing third volume in The New Wine book series, author Matthew Douglas Pinard expounds further upon mysteries from the “other kingdom.” What does the term Annunaki mean? Where did the human race originate from? What happens when we die? Who is the “hunter of the green vest”? What is the importance of the constellation Orion? What was the true intention behind the mysterious equation given to Albert Einstein many years ago? What is the Akashic record for and how do we access it? Who is Archangel Michael and what is his role in our world? How do spiritual entities manifest themselves in our natural environment? Are there present signs of the apocalypse today?

All of these questions and many more are answered in this incredible publication with new photographs and true life stories that will engage those seeking for existential answers in their lives.

--Matthew Douglas Pinard

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