The Night Our Lives Changed Forever: A Stroke Survivor

A glimpse into the entangled mind, of a stroke survivor, described through his eyes, in an attempt to help the care givers, survivors and families, better understand what to expect in the stressful days ahead, after a stroke or brain injury.

The Author reveals his inner feeling as he describes the affects left by the stroke and how his life changed after surrendering to God.

The Author shares with the readers, how his mind was functioning after the stroke and the reasons behind his actions. How he handled depression, anxiety, fatigue, concentration, and feeling worthless.

This book was written in the hopes, that care givers, survivors and families would understand what is going through the survivor's mind after a stroke. The long days ahead and the new life journey that awaits. With God in the driver's seat, miracles will happen when you least expect them. The author prays that God will bless you as much as he has blessed him through writing this book.

--Judson Moeller