The Pastor & the Rod of Moses

The Pastor and The Rod of Moses is a journey of emotions, beliefs, desires, visions, and hopes. It’s a man’s journey through a life of hard breaks, let-downs, realizations, and strife—all while being led by God. Samuel Jones, Pastor of Mount Lilla Baptist church in Atlanta, GA, is heartbroken when he loses his wife to cancer. Randall Pinckney, a prodigy of archaeological events in Egyptology discovers a gold tablet of evil spells. During his research, Randall becomes possessed by an evil spirit name Dedi. The Pastor’s son Lil Sam is killed because he was mistaken to be someone else. Randall, who is now Dedi, speaks an incantation to bring evil spirits from hell to occupy bodies of the recently deceased. Pastor Sam resigns from preaching after losing his family but gets the Rod of Moses from an old deacon of his church, Willie Armstrong. Sam tells his closest friend Gary, an avid fisherman, about the divine visions and dreams he’s beginning to have. George, a neighbor of Sam, lost both sons in gang-related events and his wife to suicide, drinks heavily because of his loss. Sam has been given the divine ability to see the soul of people but isn’t sure why God gave him that ability. Dedi, in possession of Randall’s body, goes to Arizona to assemble his demonic army. The demonic spirits from hell reap souls from the living as they move toward Arizona. Bob, an FBI agent, is assigned to investigate the missing and drained bodies being reported by local police. These four unlikely friends become family in their effort to find and destroy the golden book of incantations and spells. But this is just the beginning of the story.

--Bennie F. Jones, Jr

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