The Pathway to Peace and Joy

Through much effort and research over the past nineteen years, Amy Socha has done her very best to demonstrate the overwhelming proofs of the authenticity, accuracy, and wisdom of the ancient biblical writings. There is a great amount of evidence from archaeologists, historians, theologians, biblical prophecy, and even scientific discoveries. These proofs lead us to the conclusion that only God could have inspired the words of the many writers directly through their thought processes. Many of these writers were true witnesses of the many details involved in both the humanity and divinity of Jesus Christ, and those details are all described in this manuscript.

A careful study of both the Old Testament and New Testament Scriptures reveals identical words and passages in both sets of scrolls. This means that the New Testament writings are an exact fulfillment of the writings of the Old Testament. (the Tanakh) In both, there are truly many instances in which God, in His perfect wisdom, illustrated the promise of a Messiah as the "way" to obtain salvation of our souls and eternal life in heaven and how He has already kept that promise in the person of Jesus Christ. Amy reveals how many of life's difficulties can be prevented and how many problems can be solved. She describes how to have a meaningful relationship with Jesus and the many blessings obtained through that relationship. These blessings are all meant to give each of you peace and joy in this life and in eternal life.

--Amy E. Socha R.N.

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