The Phantom Wolf of Lookout Mountain

Mike Watkins thinks about a question that bothers him like a pesky fly buzzing inside his head. Why would a guy who spent a good part of his life climbing around on a mountain suddenly fall off a cliff?Unfortunately, he and his cousin, William, must start their vacation by attending the funeral of his grandfather's ranch foreman. A mysterious shaman also attends and warns people to beware of the white wolf.The boys find a map in the foreman's room taken from a library book that tells of a historic bank robbery. They decide to follow the clues in the map to Lookout Mountain where the robbers hid the stolen gold coins. Unfortunately, someone else has the same idea. William is kidnapped and the boys' copy of the map is stolen.With the help of Karana, an Indian neighbor, Mike locates the secret entrance to the cave where the coins were taken. It is the home of the great white wolf and a place of worship for the Indians that reside near there. Mike finds William, and they discover the coins in a room among the skeletons of the robbers who became trapped there many years before. Roscoe, the librarian, appears as the one who wants the treasure for himself.The shaman and wolf arrive on the scene. They tell Roscoe the gold is cursed and cannot leave the cave, but Roscoe doesn't care. Can he be stopped from claiming the treasure? What will happen to Mike and William?

--Carl Watson

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