The Power of Repentance and Faith

The title The Power of Repentance and Faith is a reflection of my new birth in Christ. The Lord touched my heart spiritually, speaking to write a book about my life as an unredeemed sinner before I received saving faith (salvation in Christ) and then to let the world know how this all came about for me. This is how I got the title of my book; it is from what I went through as an unredeemed person and to also present to those who will read this book how the Lord Jesus Christ manifested His amazing saving power upon my life, and it was from repenting from my heart to the Lord of everything that I have ever done wrong in my life meaning (my sins as a sinner) and crying out for help, which I desperately needed at that time of my life and to trust that He will come to my rescue to save and deliver me from that dark lifestyle that I once lived. Truly, I tell you, with being a witness, repentance and faith in Christ and what He has already done at Calvary's cross will release such an amazing power to come upon your life. I say to you all today--are you ready for a new life? Have you been searching for help? Are you ready for change? If you answered yes to any of these questions, I encourage you to let this book be an inspiration and a great pattern to apply to your life, and Jesus Christ will be your change Agent.

--Pastor Delicia Johnson-Harris

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