The Praying Nurse

A young nurse named Kate comes to work at the hospital just like she would any other day. Little did Kate know that today would be a little bit different for her. Kate begins her day, a long day at that. She is passing medicine to her patients. She goes from room to room on her feet for a long time. Finally, at her last patient's room for now, she longs for a seat and break. She enters the room of Mr. Sweet, a nice elderly gentleman who seems to be having a tough go. Kate, longing for that break, could have just ignored the signs and moved on with her day, but God had a plan. Kate asks the questions, Mr. Sweet provides some answers, and God does the rest. Kate becomes the praying nurse to Mr. Sweet. She helps remind him that God is in control no matter the situation. Mr. Sweet's outlook on his particular situation has now changed because through prayer with Kate, he knows that he can find comfort in the hands of God and whatever plan he has for him. This is a story to show that we all have a purpose given to us, and if we take the time out of our day to understand that purpose and maybe help someone else, God will bless us with more than we ever wanted or expected. Kate gets her break but not until God blessed her and Mr. Sweet with an opportunity to remember who he is and what he is capable of. They both learn, just like the rest of us can, that there is power in prayer.

--Adam Walker

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