The Preacher and the First Lady

This book brings revelation and reality of struggles that are faced by First Ladies in households of faith. The collection of stories is introduced by sermons I've preached over the years. The sermons intersect with the lives of fictional women yet experiences that non-fictional women have faced in their lives in the church.

Within any biblical story, we can find common experiences that parallel with our life experiences--so true for the unique experiences of women within the Holy Writ. From Eve's story of misguidance to Mary's story of being called to an extraordinary task, we all can find a window to peer into that compels us to take a deeper dive into how their lives mirror our own life experiences.

The sermon's reflected provide a framework that shows how a name substitution could in reality be your story. So, as you meet the Samaritan woman and First Lady Barbara; Hannah and First Lady Michelle; Queen Vashti and First Lady Tonia; a father, a daughter, a woman with a blood issue and First Lady Shana, take time to reflect and draw strength from their life experiences. Your healing and wholeness are possible.

--Margaret Fountain Coleman

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